Friday Feature: Top-Five Picks

It’s time for a look at what I call the “Top Five Picks” for online web applications or tools. The web changes so rapidly, so there are always new “discoveries” of tools that are amazing.

Here are some additional resources for your toolbox:

  1. Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools
    This is a wiki compiled by a K-12 educator, but she has categorized the tools into specific types of tools. It is a useful site for anyone interested in finding a specific type of tool.
  2. Viddler
    Viddler provides a really easy platform for people to interact with videos. Viddler allows you to upload, enhance, and share digital video easily and quickly inside your web browser. Users can upload a video up to 500 MB, with no length limit per video and there is no limit to the total number of videos uploaded.
  3. WordSift
    This is slightly different than other word cloud application in that the word cloud produced is pretty basic. But it does have the additional feature of linking each word to a visual thesaurus. Click on the word to get it’s meaning, and see how it is linked to other words.
  4. QuizSnack
    Quiz Snack offers a free service for creating polls and quizzes to post in your blog or website.
  5. iBrainstorm
    iBrainstorm is a free brainstorming application for the iPad and the iPhone. The app allows you to record brainstorming sessions using a combination of free hand drawings and sticky notes. You can share and collaborate with other users of iBrainstorm.

Have you used any of these applications? If so, how? Please share with me by adding a comment.


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