Recording Audio in Moodle

I can’t believe that there is only one more full week in October. My time flies when you enjoy what you do! I have also missed 2 Friday Feature posts this month–a lot to do in a short amount of time. I know you are also very busy so thanks for understanding.

What’s new?

In the AEA PD Online Moodle site: Nanogong!

What is that you ask? The NanoGong icon can be used to record, playback and save a voice file, in a web page. A NanoGong activity allows the student to submit their recording to the teacher.

See this: One Teacher’s Example: Running Records

Note: Students and instructors need a microphone or headset with a microphone to use Nanogong. Most newer computers have a microphone built in and if you have the volume turned up, it will pick up your voice.

NanoGong Moodle Activity

The NanoGong activity is an exercise that can be included in a course. Every student in the course can submit several voice recordings together with optional text messages using the activity. Teachers in the course can then examine these submissions, give comments, and assign a score to each of them.

For Students Using Moodle

Students can submit their voice and/or text message using a NanoGong recorder and the HTML editor as shown on the right. Once the message is submitted it can be changed or deleted later, provided that the message has not been locked by a teacher or an administrator.

A locked message means it cannot be changed or deleted by the student. The NanoGong activity only allows teachers and administrators to lock a message. For example, a teacher may not want the student to change his/her message after the message is graded. Students can revisit the activity to check their grade and comments anytime.

For Teachers Using Moodle

In the teacher’s view a list of messages is displayed when a teacher enters the activity. The list contains all currently submitted voice messages of all students sorted by their submission date, as shown on the left. The teacher can choose to lock messages, change the content of the messages, give comments or give a score to the messages.

Scores given to the submissions are linked to the gradebook and therefore the exercise can be part of the course grading. By default the maximum grade is 100 but it can be changed in the activity settings.

Links with More Information about Nanogong

Share with us if you try using Nanogong by either commenting in this post, or posting something  in our Online Instructors Moodle course. And thanks for sharing!


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