“Playing” with Moodle Settings

I have been “playing” around with some of the settings in a Moodle course. It was bothering me that when I choose the Topics Format for the course format, numbers showed up. If I was using, for example, units, like Unit 1, Unit 2 etc. and I had some introductory materials that I put under the first topic, #1, then the numbers didn’t match the unit numbers.

But I discovered a way to make that problem “disappear” thanks to some Internet searching and some very clever Moodle gurus. So thank you to those who know more about Moodle than I do.

Here’s how it works:

How to Remove the Numbers in the Topics Format

A simple way to remove the numbers in the topics format is by adding a label on the course main page, and in the back-end of the label (html mode) by entering the following text:

<style type=”text/css“>.section .left{font-size:0;}</style>

Here are the Step-by-Step Directions

Open the course and have editing turned on.

In the main section, use the Add a Resource drop-down menu and choose “Insert a Label”.

Click on the <> icon to be in html edit mode.
Paste the following code (as shown in the screen shot image)
<style type=”text/css“>.section .left{font-size:0;}</style>

Click Save and Return to Course. 
The topic numbers should now be “gone”.

Here are the Directions in Word format for those who like download and save the directions for later use.

Hope you find this little tip useful.

Have you discovered any other little “tricks” that you use in your Moodle course?

Please share with us and thank you!

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Web Site: www.iowaaea.org


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