New to Using Moodle or Need a Refresher?

Are you new to online teaching and using Moodle for your course? Do you just want a refresher about how to use Moodle more efficiently and effectively with your students? There are some great videos on Vimeo called 2-Minute Moodles. It is a collection of 34 videos–here is the description from the Vimeo web site:

“This is a collection of 2 Minute Moodles – an attempt to simplify and show how to use a range of Moodle features to a busy teacher.

The tutorials try not to assume too much previous knowledge and are presented for the pragmatical and not necessarily tech-savy users (Moodle purists please excuse). They are a bit like that product I got the pun from – something quick and simple to get you going.

If you don’t know where to start, see the entire ‘progression’ list at​moodle/​moodle-tutorials-2-minute-moodles/​

I know it is a hectic time of year, but I hope you will take 2-minutes (or maybe 6 minutes) to view a few of them.

Have a great holiday! I will be back next year (2012) to continue adding to the Friday Feature series.

Twitter: AeaPDOnline
Web Site:

Follow the conversation about the organization/formation of imug (Iowa Moodle Users Group) on Twitter, using the new hashtag, #imug.


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