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Many teachers are a fan of Kathy Schrock’s web sites. She continually provides updated information about incorporating technology and Web 2.o tools into the classroom for both students and instructors. So have you seen her new site at, PD in Action?

“This is an online professional learning community (PLC) that presents free webinars, live chats, and online discussions that make is easy to collaborate with fellow educators on the common goal of improving student learning.”

It is a community where educators can come together to virtually discuss, explore, exchange, encourage each other to share ideas, try new strategies and to “infuse appropriate technology in ways that matter and make sense.” When you join this community you will be invited to participate in a once-per-month webinar and live chat session.  I encourage you to check it out.

I just finished listening to a recorded webinar entitled Resources for Online Tools and Strategies to Support Instruction” with Kathy Schrock.

Description of Webinar:

With the teacher acting as the facilitator in the classroom, there are optimum conditions that need to be present in order for this to occur. This webinar will present some pedagogical models of teaching and learning that can easily meet these conditions and support the use of online tools.

Online tools are not necessarily Web 2.0 tools in the truest sense. Some of the tools covered in this presentation would be considered Web 2.0 tools with their real-time collaboration aspects and revision histories. Other tools presented will be online utilities to meet a specific need or meet a student’s goal.
During this Webinar, you will be introduced to several tools in each of these categories.
  • Video editors
  • Audio editors
  • Image editors
  • Word processors
  • Cool stuff
  • Web page creators
  • Podcast creators
  • Survey makers
  • Media converters
  • Mind mappers
  • Citation makers
The discussion will focus on why and when you might use each type and the strengths of the tools will be emphasized.

Other links:

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

Information Literacy

I hope you take some time to check out her resources–and find a way to utilize them in your teaching.

Twitter: AeaPDOnline
Web Site:

Follow the conversation about the organization/formation of imug (Iowa Moodle Users Group) on Twitter, using the new hashtag, #imug.


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