Almost Here!

Digital Literacy Day is less than a week away. What are you doing with your students for Digital Literacy Day? Do you need some ideas? Go to to see some examples, get ideas, and participate in the discussion.

What is Digital Learning Day?

On Digital Learning Day, we are asking everyone, no matter your comfort with technology–teachers, librarians, school leaders, afterschool programs, community groups, parents–to sign up and be counted in this effort by doing the following:

Start a conversation.
Try one new thing.
Showcase your success.

The web site has great suggestions, ideas, lesson plans, links to Toolkits for parents, after-school programs, librarians, teachers, district leaders/administrators, etc. Check it out and plan to try one new thing next Friday, February 1st. Hopefully, you and your students will want to continue beyond the one day!

Digital Learning Day: Resource Round-Up

Twitter: AeaPDOnline
Web Site:

Follow the conversation about the organization/formation of imug (Iowa Moodle Users Group) on Twitter, using the new hashtag, #imug.


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