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Last week I brought up the idea of visualizing data. Have you done anything in your online course with that concept? It seems to me that visualization is really important in the online teaching/learning environment. Concepts can be difficult to understand if there is only text on the page. Creating a “picture/image” of the data is very powerful for both the learner and the instructor. Of course the WWW has a ton of ideas and lesson plans to help with presenting meaningful data in ways that will clarify a student’s understanding of data and how to create a visual representation of the data.
Students Love Technology

Here are some links to some lesson plans and resources:

Infographic Lesson Plan

Have you used infographics in your classroom? (Lists 118 resources)

How to Create an Infographic- 44 Places to Find Tutorials and Tools (contains how-to’s and tools for creating infographics)

Updated: Infographics Resources

How Infographics Accelerate Learning

So, my questions for you are:

  1. How have you utilized the concept of infographics in an online learning environment?
  2. What resources did/do you use?

Please share!

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