Summer PLP (Professional Learning Plan)

What is your summer professional learning plan (PLP)? Do you have one? Usually summer is the time to kick back, relax, and be a little bit lazy. But I find that summer gives me time to dig into some things I have been wanting to tackle but just haven’t made time in my schedule to do.

Should I learn a new software program, read a lot of books (both recreational and professional), organize and develop a new online course for PD, or revise a current online course? The list could get longer than my time to make anything happen.

Ahh–let me think about it for a little while first.

Ok–now on to an action plan. First of all, why have a PLP? Don’t I already do that for my principal and the school district? Yes, you probably do. But applying those same ideas to a plan for the summer will help to make what you may have already done, or plan on doing, stronger.

In its simplest form a PLP allows you to:

  • Assess your current level of professional knowledge in terms of a list of competences relevant to your specific professional job
  • Compare these with what competences might be needed to complete current and
    future tasks
  • Identify any gaps between what you have and what is required
  • Set objectives and a timescale to fill these gaps
  • Plan ways of meeting these objectives

Look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats–commonly called SWOT. After you have identified some specific developmental goals, then write some SMART objectives: specific, measurable, achievable, resourced, and timed.

Ask yourself the following questions about your PLP:

  1. Are you constructing new knowledge from professional learning experiences?
  2. Are you applying learning to classroom practice?
  3. How will changes in teaching impact student learning?
  4. Can you measure return on your investment in professional learning?
  5. Does your PLP support the student achievement results you are seeking?

Your summer PLP doesn’t have to be a huge project–it could be as simple as reading a professional book that you haven’t had time to read yet–and then planning what effect this new information/knowledge will have on your teaching and perhaps, creating an actual plan to follow through with it when you begin teaching again.

So–time to make my PLP.

Let me know what your ideas are by adding a comment.

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NOTE: Although I will be here all summer, the Friday Feature is taking a break and will return in August. Enjoy your summer learning.


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